110% - Your personal life-coach

The start-up app thought up by the ex Vice President of JP Morgan and the person behind the Times 'Best Companies to Work For' algorithm. I was approached to help visualise the brand, create the user journeys, design the entire app UI and shoot and edit a couple of promotional videos. A tall task by any means, and we had less than 2 weeks to finish it., you've got to love the start-up mentality.

110% app - personalised program
110% Goals screen app Apple Watch

The idea, explained

To understand exactly what the app does please watch the video below.


The app in detail


“You have put it 110% and have been incredible to work with and have exceeded all of our expectations”

Kendal Parmar - Co-founder 110%


Putting a face to 110%

I created a brand new logo and identity utilising the human aspect of the brand and the numerals. The app icon became quick identifiable and represents the core purpose of the brand, an app for one self, it needed a human identity.



Role: Art direction / UI & UX design / branding / video / editing


My role

Art Direction / UX Design / UI Design /  Branding / Video Direction / Editing