Become a trader

This campaign was launched to introduce the new brand strategy thought aimed predominantly at the new to trading audience but also to serve as a switcher campaign for existing clients. The main focus was to push up the number of traders choosing to trade on equities such as Apple or Easy Jet and getting current more indices-focused clients to try something new. Equity trading clients are worth far more to the business and therefore thoroughly sort after. The vast majority of photography was shot in-house.

City Index Become a Trader billboard

Dream Bigger

An extremely powerful and well-received piece of creative this campaign was placed selectively and targeted at people on the cusp of choosing a trading provider. The in your face copy was written to play on the idea that by becoming a trader, and learning how to trade well, you can dream bigger.

City Index Dream Bigger campaign

See it, trade it

The first campaign created to raise awareness to existing and potential clients about the benefits and ease of trading popular shares such as Barclays. All photography was shot in-house around the city.

City Index See it Trade it

Election 2015

A micro-site created to serve as a accompanying news source for clients on how the results will affect their trading strategies.  The microsite was live for 2 weeks up until the announcement of the Tories. All main imagery used was digitally painted to give the campaign and unique and gritty look and feel to stand out at a time with many election advertising and content pieces in circulation. 

City Index Election 2015
City Index Election iPad and iPhone

Fixed 1 point

The idea is a staple message in the world of trading, focusing on price. Traders are always chasing the best price and this campaign highlighted the fact that City Index maintained a fixed 1 point spread regardless of market movement guaranteeing a low and fair pricing model for clients.

City Index - Fixed 1 point spread
City Index - Fixed 1 point spread billboard

Role: Idea / art direction / design / copywriting / digital painting