The City Index global website

The City Index website needs a complete overhaul. At first we were tasked with making small incremental changes to prolong its shelf life, for example it’s not responsive; so we created a mobile-optimised site but this is not a long-term solution. The CMS it is built on is straining under the pressure of new structural changes and the look and feel is outdated. Something had to be done. They call this an ‘epic’ project.


Why we did it – City Index is falling behind

Our research has shown that although the website may appear stable and the content is okay, a lot needs to be done to win over the new emerging digital-savvy customers. When approaching the mammoth task of creating a new global website from the ground up, we first looked to who the client is – not just the customers, but the internal teams who use the website day-to-day. Thus user requirements were captured (all 150+ of them) and narrowed down to a manageable number. This set the starting point for what was to come.

For example the City Index regional marketing managers requested new functionality and the ability to manage and publish multiple strategic campaigns with a new CMS and a contemporary website with mobile-first in mind.


Mobile first responsive UX design



City Index font
City Index colours
City Index buttons

Site navigation


A new site structure, a new design

City Index designs
iPhone scroll
Market page

Modular design elements

City Index website modules
City Index website modules
City Index website modules

Role: Art direction / UI & UX design / user testing