City Index trading apps

The City Index platform has always been a sticking point. It's solid, it can do pretty much anything you throw at it, but it's not a comfortable user-experience. We took it on ourselves to take the customer research, analyse it carefully and re-imagine the trading platform. This was not a redesign; we threw the old platform in the bin and started again.

City Index trading apps suite

Why we did it – The customer is developing faster than the technology

Since joining in late 2012, the creative team has always wanted to get its hands on the platforms. The less than favorable reviews on the app store alone were enough of a reason to take on the project. We commissioned the user research and sat through days of qualitative and quantitative interviews. What we got back was the beginnings of a blueprint to build a new platform design.


"The problem is we're selling a Jaguar where in reality you're getting a Volkswagen"

Mark Preston - CEO



The current suite of platforms had become a maze of old and new technology and inconsistent updates with multiple apps for multiple devices. Our aim was to create one app that did it all. We began by mapping out exactly what the user needed to see and when and from there began the UX and UI development

City Index Apple Watch and IPhone app

How we did it – One platform that runs on any device

From the ground up we completely redesigned the platform, with one build working across all devices. By throwing away the years of design and build hacks, bad code and poor design decisions we managed to create a simple, beautiful and useable platform. Gone was the old City Index font, dated yellow and poor UX decisions and in it’s place were user-driven UX decisions and contemporary UI graphics that help keep City Index where it needs to be, amongst the very top trading providers in the industry. The design process was extremely short, with a brand new set of designs turned around in under 5 days.

City Index app IPhone 6 and Apple Watch

The desktop app


The mobile app

City Index IPhone app intro screen
City Index trading app
City Index app - economic calendar

Designing for the Apple Watch

City Index Apple Watch app

Incorporating 3D Touch

City Index Apps - Confirmed screen

Client feedback

We were lucky enough to put the updated designs in front of some of our clients and collated their feedback. Overall we were very pleased with responses. Some were shocked by the overhaul but after spending a few meeting with the new look and feel; felt strongly that this was a step in the right direction for the brand and the industry.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for this. Fantastic update.”

Brian Davies, City Index Client


Role: Art direction / UI & UX design / user testing