The Body Coach

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach built his fitness and nutrition empire on hard graft, smart thinking and the ability to identify and own the gap in the market. Joe’s personality and gift for social marketing is second to none and it has seen him quickly rise to the top of the industry in little over 2 years. I have created a number of ideas for ongoing marketing including ideas for a brand new The Body Coach app and some further strategic thoughts.


The app concept is simply to bring the ease of the 90 DAYSSS plan, Joe’s signature get-lean program, to a quick and easy to use application that can then be leveraged for future messaging and cross selling. Once a client graduates from the plan there are still plenty of opportunities to keep them involved in the brand, and if done well, to create hundred of thousands of brand ambassadors that will continue to share content and even refer new clients. The app has a number of unique features but the idea of making nutrition simple and the plan easy to follow is at the heart of the concept.


App features include:

  • Create your own HIIT workouts and share with the community
  • Direct and instant access to your hero over live chat messenger who will track your progress
  • One - click shopping list and purchase (perhaps through a relationship with Sainsbury's)
  • Joe's HIIT timer - scalable by the user featuring Joe to motivate when the burn kicks in
  • Access to all meal plans and track your macros and record all your food and snacks
  • Keep track of the 90 DAY SSS plan and content changes depending on a Training Day or a Rest Day
  • Meal creator - if every stuck for a quick meal, add the ingredients and we will create you a healthy meal idea
  • Access your 90 DAY SSS statistics to see how and when you burn fat
  • Refer a friend and receive an exclusive The Body Coach gift, including brand-new HIIT apparel

Content ideas


Good person, bad place

Turn a late-night visit to the local kebab shop into a muscle-making meal you won’t regret. 

The Body Coach - Bin Win

However much we try sometimes we may find ourselves at somewhere bad with nothing to eat and perhaps there is an opportunity here to save a shred of nutritional dignity by selecting specific items off the menu. It would be important to stress we do not recommend eating here, but if you do here’s what to eat.


 Testimonial videos

Every month we film and distribute beautifully shot and well-edited testimonial documentaries of no more than 4-8 minutes that record the highs, lows and subsequent success of the 90 day SSS plan.

The Body Coach testimonials

The films will be real people who have transformed their lives and lifestyle through the plan. It will serve as an honest and engaging tool in bringing in new clients and also motivating current clients. This should be filmed on site, at the person’s home / gym and show what it’s really like for any everyday person to take control of their diet, their exercise and ultimately their life. This will also open up many more video content opportunities and can also help build the brand with original The Body Coach music perhaps and opportunities to advertise more products within the videos – whether this be third-party brands or our own products.


King & Queen of Lean

With so many thousands of positive transformations, clearly everyone is a winner. By using the vast social channels there may be scope for a digitally led ‘Lean of the Year’ type competition.

The Body Coach King & Queen of Lean

We can contact the most successful clients and with their approval set up a grid voting system. This can then be distributed as more powerful brand content to the world that not only showcases the success of the plan but also entices new potential clients perhaps speeding up the sign up process during the time of the campaign. A male and female winner can be announced and given a prize and press coverage.


Quick wins on the run

Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to prep your food – here’s The Body Coach’s guide to where to eat and why.

The Body Coach - Quick wins on the run

This must be a regional campaign and so will rely on regional research to ensure we are not focusing solely on the UK stores. Perhaps once a month a different region can be released – for example, Quick wins on the run in London, Quick wins on the run in Adelaide, or Quick wins on the run in Singapore. This can simply be a list of the best places to eat well on a budget, for example Leon, POD, Pure and allows The Body Coach to create partnership opportunities. If successful regions within a city can be expanded upon - Quick wins on the run in Shoreditch - London, Quick wins on the run in Chelsea – New York.


Ditch the pre-workout sugar drinks

There is no need to consume drinks like Lucozade or Gatorade - don't believe the hype. 

The Body Coach - Ditch Lucozade

The amount of sugar is most sports drinks are insane. Joe will teach you how to make a insulin-spiking naturally sweet and energy boosting sports drink in 3 minutes with honey, lemon and hint of mint – perfect for any workout. This could be expanded to other drinks / foods.


 Free guides for families

Expanding the audience by challenging parents to share their knowledge of healthy eating and getting the kids involved through free family-targeted e-books / books.

The Body Coach Lean Book

The books will focus on how important a lean lifestyle is for children as well as adults - the recipes may have additional information for the parents and family such as the cost of each meal and 'what if' scenarios in case one of the kids refuses to eat a particular vegetable for example.


Lunch on Joe

Monthly 15 minute videos where Joe invites 6 clients to lunch – an opportunity to hear back from the people and get them to engage in conversations and discuss pros and cons of their new lean lifestyle.

The Body Coach Lunch on Joe

The clients can possibly win the chance to come in and have lunch or are preselected. Preferably shot in a real house or consistent studio space the aim of these videos is to allow the clients to do the talking and allow them to share their experiences – why they got the plan, how they planned their meals, what they struggled with, how happy they were once graduating and possibly even their next life goals, perhaps something in fitness. The candid approach should capture a real and genuine set of conversations.


Retargeting digital advertising

An idea that is perhaps already happening but by using retargeting banner creative we can target potential customers with tailored messages if they visit the site and drop off.

The Body Coach banner

The messages can range from signing up to the free lean guide, driving them to more valuable content or simply creating a clear and direct sign up form. The aim here is to simply shorten the funnel and make the user sign up as soon as possible by hitting them with greater exposure to the brand. 


 Food fight!

Every week we release a nutritional ‘trump card’ – which simply summarises the nutritional benefits of popular #LeanIn15 meals.


These cards will feature bespoke illustrations and can eventually be printed and sold separately or given away as gifts through social channels. The idea will be to eventually create ‘matches’ between certain foods. For example, focusing on fats, you could have avocados pitted against feta cheese and let the community decide on the winner.


Midget trees storybook and web series

He/she may just be a funny little character at the minute – but the potential for him to grow (!) is huge.

The Body Coach Midget Tree book
The Body Coach cartoon

There is an opportunity to capitalise on the younger audience and pester-power by developing this character along side ideas like the trump cards to capture the imagination of audiences of all ages. The Midget Tree story can be told in physical books, or as an online series. By beginning with an online series we can test to see how the audience responds on a month-by-month basis perhaps and if successful we can compile a full back-story.


 Get in schools and on the NHS

With a focus to get Joe’s plans and thinking into the NHS and schools to teach people how to eat right from young age, below are a number of small ideas to help accelerate this.

The Body Coach in schools

The basics of the 90 Day SSS plan will of course still be valid and celebrated but the content may need tweaking to highlight the benefits directly either adults (possibly through NHS) or to children (addressed early from school). For example for the latter benefits or areas of focus may be brain development, muscle development, stronger bones, smarter kids.


1 - The Insta-Petition

Gather interest by posting a series of Instagram petitions to get likes (likes = support) and taking the total number to Government - good PR and a way go spreading the word globally. We want the plan in schools and available on the NHS - it’s proven to work if people stick to it.

2 - The Eat Right Pack

Create a nutrition pack for everyone - available to children in schools and to people seeking a lifestyle change through their GP (or perhaps referred to it). This can include posters for schools, and guides for school canteens on lower carb and slow-digesting carb food options with recommended higher carb foods for kids on PE days. Portion control and healthy snacks should be available. Guides can also be used for HIIT routines for PE classes. The guides / posters can even have simple hints such as ‘stand wherever possible - you spend a lot of the day in class sitting down!’ or alternative recipes for popular ‘unhealthy’ dishes people may like such as pizza or fish and chips.

3 - Target the young ambassadors

Target popular youTube / Instagram ‘celebrities' who have a large teen following by giving them free Lean In 15 programs in return for exposure and tracking the changes allowing them to show the kids how eating well can keep them healthy and lean and they do not ever need to diet.


4 - Teen Lean In 15

Ideally we can give away free programs to all kids - funded by the Government and backed up with healthy eating lessons and HIIT lessons. If these are personalised to specific macros then great but perhaps this level of detail is only needed for people who have been recommended a weight loss / lifestyle change.


The Body Coach Breakdown

Week by week The Body Coach breaks down one of the HIIT exercises and explains exactly what it does, which muscles are activated, when best to do them, common mistakes and how to avoid them. The tongue-in-cheek style of imagery and script will engage the users and maintain attention but the content must be absolutely bang-on and genuinely informative. The content here can also be used on the app as an archive is built up over time.


Bad back, painful knees – what now?

A feature targeted at people suffering from injury or aching / soreness – for example for someone with a bad back, information on how to train around the injury (or possibly why they should rest), which exercises to choose to strengthen the lower back and upper back muscles – what to avoid, how to perform HIIT without causing more pain – cycling on a bike instead of running for example to alleviate pressure or resting and eating well to recover better. All of this content can feed back into the app and help to create a content portal and one-stop fitness app.


Pin-point pain and push through

The Body Coach explains the difference between the feelings of ‘DOMs’ vs injury and how to stretch appropriately and the warm up / down to reduce and alleviate pain. The checklist may be a visual way to represent this or simply a body chart. Alternatively leading with exercises, for example, deadlifts – expect pain in the shoulders, upper and lower back, forearms and legs – if you’re having neck pain, make sure your form is correct.


Further ideas


Mass effect - Stack, Shred, Sustain

Expanding the products to bring in the ‘heavyweights’.

The Body Coach - Stack, Shred, Sustain

Although the 180-day mass plan has been quite rightly removed from the product offering, there is a key demographic that crosses over here that can be exploited. The face of this plan may or may not be Joe, he may want to stick to the fat-loss product for simplicity, but there is a market if people, men especially, who want to gain mass and are willing to eat right to get there. But they just don’t know how. The ‘Size, Shred and Sustain’ plan (or any consistent name!) can be a continuation for the graduates of the 90-day plan or simply for people looking for the next challenge. To ensure solid results the original 180 days seems like a good amount of time to register impressive results.


PT referral program

Hand picked heroes training you in person.

The body Coach PTs

In a time when health and fitness is one have the most lucrative and on-trend industries in the world there has been an influx of Personal Trainers. There are some who dedicate themselves to the trade and really do lead by example – there are many however that simply do not know enough and can actually harm and injure their clients. I believe there is an opportunity to exploit this with The Body Coach approved PT’s. This can be another product which is not consumer-facing but aimed at signing up PT’s and through The Body Coach brand / website making referrals. The clients get assured and competent PT’s they can trust and believe in, and the business gets a referral fee plus also an invaluable database of PT’s around the world that can be targeted with more marketing opportunities.


Apparel concepts

The product line can expand to tailor-made HIIT-ready The Body Coach apparel.

The Body Coach Apparel

This may seem a little far-fetched, but the audience is there and willing to buy into the brand. Joe can create a series of beautiful HIIT-ready apparel and possibly partner up with a brand like Under Armour to realise the manufacture. This will lead on to 'store' products such as apparel, mats, protein shakers and possibly even food - it would be great to see a range of Lean In 15 meals ready to eat in high street supermarkets. 


Role: Concept / art direction / design